Attendance Sheet in Excel with Formula

Managing attendance sheet in excel

Are you stuck with managing the attendance sheets in excel?

Here you can find the easiest solution to manage the attendance sheet in excel with a formula that calculates everything from the leaves, week offs, and many other aspects of it.

Attendance sheet in excel is one of the most widely used tools across the globe. Every other organization, from Small to Medium Businesses, to large corporations, often needs this tool.

Attendance Sheet Template Google Sheet

In this google sheet utility, you’ll be able to calculate the attendance on a weekly and monthly basis. Along with that, you’ll be able to calculate the salaries to be disbursed if you’ve certain fixed numbers per day based on the employee salary structure.

Note that google sheet is free to use and as good as (sometimes better than Microsoft Excel).

This excel utility to manage the attendance in excel with formula is free.

It’s simple to use.

Click on the link and make a copy with your Google drive and start using it.

If you’ve any customized needs, you can feel free to reach me out at [email protected] and I’ll certainly be able to help you with that. ( this is free help and is not chargeable. 🙂 So feel free to hit me out).

Now let’s talk about the scenarios.

Attendance Sheet in Excel to Calculate Salary

If you have a very plain salary structure that just needs to be divided by the number of working days and other components proportionately, this is very appropriate. You can use this attendance sheet in excel & google spreadsheet with formulas to calculate that.

Just enter the employee salary in the sheet named “Employee List” and you’ll get the report in the sheet named “Salaries”.

You can send me the custom attendance requirement and I’ll incorporate it into this for your convenience.

Attendance Sheet in Excel with Formula 1

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