Welcome to SkillSoda

Why should you connect with me.

I am one of the simple – general – folks that you have seen around yourself but I constantly try to improve myself to excellent.

In process of that, I encounter various technique, methods, skill sets, and tools that can help you make a better person. I share those things here.

Get motivated with this quote:

“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Show off on your Whatsapp group

-How to be Zoom safe.

-Also, how to look good in a VC.

-Take an appointment, will ya?

-And build complex reasoning skills.

Let’s get you in the work mood

Crank this song up to keep on growing.

Take a break, but make good the time

Be in the know: How to cope up in the time of the virus.

Be creative: Make your own mask in five minutes.

-Be up-to-date:  How to lead and work through a pandemic.

Be good: Support the good folks preparing meals for migrant labourers.

Cook up a storm

By following Massimo Bottura’s #KitchenQuarantine videos.

Time to wind down

Listen: To The Hidden Brain — superb storytelling and actionable insights.

Watch: Fyre, a Netflix documentary on one of the biggest scams of our times.

Think: About the past 15 days. Start a daily journal.

Call: That childhood friend you haven’t in ages.