Hustle Culture & Work-Life Balance

With the “Hustle Culture” on the rise, you will often hear  debates about work-life balance.

So before you go bananas on this, here are 5 critical points to know.


[1] The success equation:

Success= Work hard + Work smart + Get lucky

We don’t control luck.

And, we learn to work smart through iterations.

For this, working hard is critical.

You can’t become Musk, without having his work ethic.

[2] Career exists in a flow:

– At the start of our careers, we are likely to work the hardest (and undertake the most grunt work).

– Given our limited choices, creating a work life balance is tough.

– As we progress, we get more choices.

[3] The skills compound too:

– Skills are directly correlated to efficiency.

– The more skilled we get, the more efficient we will get at work, and more time we will save.

– So the required efforts should go down with time.

[4] Excess hustle= burnout.

But this need not be the case.

The work muscle needs to be built overtime.

Very similar to how people can’t deadlift 100kgs on day 1, folks should also build their hustle muscle overtime.

[5] Working hard is a competitive advantage:

The harder you work, the luckier you get. No doubt.

Working hard is therefore important.

Key message: But, the hustle mindset needs to be built and cultivated overtime.

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