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Here are the list of current openings that I have.

Manager – Email Marketing

Hiring Excellent Copywriter with good analytical skills.

You must have excellent Copywriting experience to build the campaigns from scratch.

An Ideal Candidate is

  • Undying Passion for writing creative content that gets opened, clicked and responded to.
  • Thorough understanding of email marketing best practices
  • Familiarity with marketing concepts such as user lifetime value (LTV) and churn, acquisition funnels, user lifecycle management, lead generation, and conversions.
  • Strong analytical background with ability to use data to learn and drive decision making; you are familiar with concepts such as statistical significance, sample size, and control groups

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Freelance/Full-Time Academic Work

Subject Matter Experts

If you’ve masters degree in any subject and you’ve strong hold over academics, you can join out team to help 1000s of college students with their projects and assignments.

  • Decent Payment for your time.
  • Great Part-Time Work Opportunity with excellent learning curve.
  • Work at your own convenience.

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STEM (Science, Technology, English, Mathematics) Tutoring Faculty

Current Month Openings:
– Online Maths Tutors – 4 hours Slot 6pm to 6am.
– Online Science Tutors – 4 hours Slot 6pm to 6am.
– Online Statistics Tutors – 4 hours Slot 6pm to 6am.
– Online English Tutors – 4 hours Slot 6pm to 6am.

Job Description: To teach students online through common shared whiteboard. You must have very good communication skill in verbal and written English along with the expertise in subject. Also you must have digital pen tablet to teach. Here is one that I recommend for budget digital pen tablet. It works with Android, Mac & Windows.

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Expired PositionsReopening Next month.
SME for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science.

Internships for 2020:

Operations Associate

You must be willing to devote time and learn the REAL WORK on internship. We don’t hire students just for the sake of internship. You’ll be involved in the real-life projects and will be given to solve the real life small problems like our full time associates do.

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Talent Acquisition & Management

If you are looking for internship in talent acquisition and management, this is the right place for you. We hire nearly 50-60 highly educated and skilled professionals every month.

Your Job Role is to:

  • Identify the gap in supply and demand.
  • Prepare the strategy to fulfill that supply gap
  • Work towards achieving the goals with a definite timeline.

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SEO/SEM/Content Writer

  • Writing Wonderful Content Pieces at your ease.
  • Long Term Contract (250,000 Words)
  • Opportunity to look after all marketing efforts of the company.
  • Price: Negotiable.

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Linked Building Experts [HOT]

You’ll be involved in a project that has strategic targets to achieve a define goals. Your prime job is to execute the outreach plan in order to achieve the goals. Rest of the details will be shared by the project manager.

Type of position: Freelance & Part Time.

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