Personal Thoughts

Date: July 28, 2021

Should I send daily productivity reports to my manager?

Daily Productivity Report is something that is for the executives who want to work for 9-5 and go home. If you ever work with a goal to outstand from the crowd, create your value in the system, and move forward faster, you should be putting up the effort to achieve these objectives.

Your goals for any day should be to:

  • Perform actions that can help you achieve your defined goals in the given timeframe or lesser with better efficiency than ever before.
  • Make the process of achieving goals supreme so that the results can take care of themselves.

We must strive every day in whatever we do to achieve these two objectives. And, there is no looking back.

Makes sense?

For example:

Any manager would be more interested to see your daily, weekly, or monthly goals; their timelines; where you stand in those today; whether you are overachieving, underachieving, or do good. You may walk behind your manager or overachieve and unburden your manager. By doing this, you become dependable. And that’s where you open the path for self-learning and growth.