What is Luxury in 2021?

I found this beautiful piece by Neetu Kapoor and thought to share it with you all. Truly, every word makes sense. The year 2020 has been a year of destruction and recovery. We all felt it and saw the devastation from so close.

Certainly, the perspective towards life has changed.

What is LUXURY?

They made us believe that luxury was the rare, the expensive, and the exclusive, everything that seemed unattainable… Now we realize that luxury was those little things that we did not know how to value when we had them and now that they are gone, we miss them so much…

Luxury is being healthy.

Luxury is not stepping into the hospital.

Luxury is being able to walk along the seashore.

Luxury is going out on the streets and breathing without a mask.

Luxury is meeting with your whole family, with your friends.

Luxury is the looks.

Smiles are luxury.

Luxury are hugs and kisses.

Luxury is enjoying every sunrise.

Luxury is the privilege of loving and being alive.

All this is a luxury and we did not know.

Stay blessed and stay grateful.

~ By Neetu Kapoor.

What is Luxury in 2021? 1

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